Atlantic Coast Pipeline Halted: Photo Reportage Snapshots

After six long years the $6 billion 600 mile Atlantic Coast pipeline has been shelved. It was environmentally devastating and blatantly racist. The Virginia Governor’s Advisory Council on Environmental Justice determined the pipeline had “disproportionate impacts for people of color and for low-income populations.”

July 8, 2020

Mapuche Political Prisoner in Chile: Alberto Curamil

November Photo of the Month: In April 2018, Mapuche Longo (leader) Alberto Curamil [looking back at the courtroom] was arrested on trumped up charges after he successfully stopped two hydro-electric dams. In 2019 he was awarded the coveted Goldman Environmental Prize. As COP25 begins, Longo Curamil’s trial continues in Temuco, Chile. He is now facing 50 years in prison.

December 1, 2019