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*9 Smurf Day_0870699-R1-E012

Earth First! and “Mud People” present a check to the 1990 Earth Day (Smurf Day) Committee in St. Louis, Missouri. Monsanto was the main sponsor of the event.

The action was the feature evening news story on a major television network affiliate in St. Louis with a reporter attempting to interview a mud person. An Earth First! “translator” fielded the reporter’s questions in English and then translated to the mud person in mud language; the mud person responded in mud language and then the Earth First! translator gave the answer to the reporter.

The above photo is part of Orin Langelle’s exhibit Struggles for Justice: Forests, Land and Human Rights  – Late 80s to Late 90s at Buffalo’s ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery in Buffalo, NY. The exhibit runs through 19 June 2015.


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It’s Friday after all. Hard week. Serious issues.

Police relieve themselves in public during demonstrations in Rostock, Germany against a meeting of the G8–the world’s eight richest nations–in nearby Heiligendamm

Police relieve themselves in public during demonstrations in Rostock, Germany against a meeting of the G8–the world’s eight richest nations–in nearby Heiligendamm  (2007)

Over 80,000 people protested the heads of the world’s richest nations, the Group of 8 (G8) in Germany. In early June 2007,  the G8 held a summit in the old resort town of Heiligendamm, Germany (near Rostock).

The G8 leaders met behind a 12 km fence topped with razor and barbed wire with their only access into meetings either by helicopter or boat as over ten thousand protesters blockaded all main roads and train tracks into Heiligendamm.  The fence itself cost over 12.4 million Euros and millions more were spent for security.

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Struggles for Justice: late 1980’s to late 90’s

This Photo Essay was completed in February 2014 in LaBelle, FL – during LaBelle’s Annual Swamp cabbage Festival – for a presentation at a Organizers’ Conference in a nearby forest camp (and for the web). The essay has been edited to produce the Photo Exhibit Struggles For Justice: Forests, Land and Human Rights – Late 80s to Late 90s.

Most of the photographs in the old essay, like the one below, are now in the new exhibit.

Exhibit Online Now 

-*34 Tas takeover02990009“Ned Kelly Bushrangers” drop banner on Forestry Commission Tasmania in Tasmania, Australia.  (1992)

The First International Temperate Forest Conference took place in Tasmania around the time the photo was taken.  The conference led to the formation of the Native Forest Network.


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