Cattaraugus County, NY – I am officially moving to my new website today. I am suspending production of and I no longer will be publishing content.

The first content I posted on this News Page was on 10 October 2012 with A Manhattan Story: 70s End of the Game. Here are the first two paragraphs of that piece:

The End of the Game

The end of the 70s–The Beat; the lingering remnants of leftover hope from the 60s; the elephants–all dying out as neoliberalism and the age of globalization, already in motion, were forcibly mainlined into our collective conscience.

In retrospect, I see all that now.  At the time that I took the photographs below I never knew how bad it really was going to get—but I knew it was already getting bad.

And now as we are in the first month of 2023 so many things have become worse and we are  living in the dystopia that only were bad dreams in the past. And yet we carry on in the Anthropocene during the Sixth Great Extinction. – Orin Langelle, 11 Jan 23

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