Workers erecting Circus Tent for the Convergence. The Resurgence: 2019 Forest & Climate Movement Convergence begins October 11 and culminates on Indigenous Peoples’ Day October 14, 2019 in southern Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest. photo: Langelle

Forests, communities and the Earth are under attack. Governments, corporations and elites in North America are collaborating with others to consolidate power, profit and control on a global scale. Their actions are driving climate change and destruction of forests, causing mass-extinction of species, devastating communities, and threatening whole peoples and the entire biosphere.

It has never been more critical to build a broad, united movement that can resist the wholesale war against the Earth.

This convergence will provide space to:

• Build capacity to analyze, expose and confront the root causes of climate change & forest destruction

• Challenge false solutions and amplify real, community-based alternatives

•Create momentum to build and broaden strategies and tactics of resistance for effective action

• Develop concrete plans, strategies and actions to carry forward after the event

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