The Public in Buffalo published Orin Langelle’s ‘Riot Clown’ as the centerfold image for this edition [Week of 1/17/18 – 1/23/18]. ‘Riot Clown’ is part of Langelle’s Portraits of Struggle exhibit which debuts Jan. 26 at CEPA’s FLUX Gallery, located on the first floor at 617 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203. Issue Archive for Jan 17, 2018 Digital Edition:


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Centerfold: Orin Langelle at CEPA

by The Public Staff / Jan. 17, 2018

ORIN LANGELLE has spent decades documenting people around the world engaged in struggles for social, ecological, and economic justice. His new show opens at CEPA Gallery on Friday, January 26. This piece is called Riot Clown at G8 Protests, Rostock, Germany (2007).

(See more at CEPA’s Portraits of Struggle page.)