Remember folks – things always don’t work out as corporations try and lead the masses into submission. Monsanto for the Earth? Come on, really? Not everyone got fooled.  – Orin Langelle

-*13 PS_mudpeople                                        photo: Langelle

Earth First! and “Mud People” present a check to the 1990 Earth Day Committee in St. Louis, Missouri. Monsanto was the main sponsor.

The action was the feature evening news story on a major television network affiliate in St. Louis with a reporter attempting to interview a mud person. An Earth First! “translator” fielded the reporter’s questions in English and then translated to the mud person in mud language; the mud person responded in mud language and then the Earth First! translator gave the answer to the reporter in English.

-*14 aaron mud people 02990018 Protester protesting mud person protester at the 1990 Earth Day in St. Louis (1990)

                                                                                                  photo: Langelle