Critical Information Collective (CIC) aims to provide social movements, NGOs and local communities with a useful source of incisive, well-researched and accessible political analysis, which focuses on challenging neoliberal economic globalisation and promoting alternatives. We believe that exposing, explaining and challenging corporate globalisation is essential if we are to tackle the root causes of poverty, environmental destruction and human rights abuses. We cover a broad range of issues, including climate change, deforestation, genetic modification, industrial agriculture, and trade and investment.

CIC is intended to be a ‘one stop information shop’ where visitors can:

• access a library of issue-specific documents published by Critical Information Collective, social movements and other allies
• find easy-to-understand summaries in multiple languages
• contribute to and access an environmental and social justice image library
• secure campaign communications support
• link through to relevant information and campaign resources produced by others and
• find and commission experienced researchers and communicators.


As the financial crisis bites deeply across the world, there has never been a better time to convince people that neoliberal economic globalisation is not the way forward. It’s becoming easier to see that economies have been hijacked to generate profits for wealthy countries, corporations and individuals; that the impoverished and the environment are not a priority; and that catastrophic climate change is inevitable if we continue down this path.

We know another world is possible. But messages need to be clear, compelling and concise if they are to create the kind of seismic shift that’s needed now. Reports need to be readable, leaflets enlightening, and articles accurate.


Critical Information Collective was founded by Ronnie Hall and Joseph Zacune. We are both experienced campaigners who want to continue to challenge corporate globalisation by providing social movements and communities with comprehensive and accessible information. Together with colleagues in the Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) federation and allies such as La Via Campesina and members of the Our World Is Not For Sale Network, we have campaigned on issues including the World Trade Organization, bilateral free trade agreements, climate change, and alternatives to corporate globalisation.

We are joined by Luka Tomac, freelance photographer and environmental activist, who also works as climate campaigner for Friends of the Earth Croatia; Ann Doherty, an urban farmer and experienced communications professional, who worked with Friends of the Earth International as Communications Coordinator for 16 years; and Orin Langelle, photojournalist and activist, who is also co-founder and board chair of Global Justice Ecology Project.