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¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art

Evolutionary Changes At ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery

Copenhagen, Denmark protest against the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (2009). Photo: Langelle

Hi friends and colleagues,

We opened the ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery on October 3, 2014 with my photo show CLIMATE CHANGE: FACES PLACES & PROTEST – photos from the front lines… (see photo left). In total, we’ve hosted nine other exhibits, all with a socio-political frame.

I’ve had a great deal of pleasure and at times frustration as the Director of the gallery. As Bob Dylan wrote in 1964, The Times They Are a Changin’. And now they are changing at the ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery.

Please continue your interest in the gallery. Evolution is a good thing. I think Darwin said that.

– Orin Langelle

Langelle Photography and the ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art are part of the Social Justice Media Program of Global Justice Ecology Project